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Active Ingredient: Bupropion

Buying Wellbutrin (Bupropion) online - you get a very effective drug with unique properties. Wellbutrin one of the most popular antidepressants in the world, this title about Wellbutrin earned for a reason. Since in addition to its effective results in the fight against depression, Bupropion is also applied in the fight against smoking. And not only very often people buy Wellbutrin on prescription in the treatment of ADHD.

Wellbutrin - One Drug for Another Drug

Smoking is one of the biggest public health problems of the 21st century. In short, it is an active, chronic and recurrent disease that affects an incredible number of people worldwide, but more than 80% of them start their nicotine journey before the age of 18. According to statistics, WHO estimates that more than 5 million people die each year from this disorder.

✧ On the other hand, depression is also a solid pillar of psychic disorders, well known for incapacitating those who suffer from it. If you believe you have this disease, then you are in a group that includes more than 19 million people diagnosed, where we can never know what the real number behind this problem is so common in public health.

And yet few people know that Wellbutrin is a great helper in the struggle with the disorder as ADHD. People with ADHD are usually prescribed stimulant medications such as methylphenidate and amphetamines. However, not everyone responds well to these medications. Some people do not tolerate stimulants due to side effects. Others may have medical contraindications to stimulants, such as mental or tick disorders. Other people may not want to use stimulants because they are controlled substances. Therefore, sometimes instead of them do not use stimulants such as Wellbutrin.

✧ Wellbutrin is a drug that emerged in response to these two disorders. It is known as a psychostimulant capable of inhibiting the reuptake of two important neurotransmitters: dopamine and noradrenaline. These are responsible for excitatory reactions, activating many mechanisms that result in the proper functioning of our body.

Mechanism of Action and Pharmacological Properties

Wellbutrin (Bupropion) is known to be an amine ketone, a compound quite different from all available antidepressants. As mentioned above, it is responsible for inhibiting the reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine, although some literatures also mention serotonin. In short, it increases the concentration of these neurotransmitters in the synaptic space, so that they have a longer and more lasting effect.

✧ Because of the way our body processes and metabolizes it, the actual effects of this drug will be seen within three to four weeks of its use. Like most antidepressants, this is a delayed effect with which we must be patient.

wellbutrin online png Unlike other antidepressants of different classes, the side effects are usually quite minor and will be addressed in the corresponding section. In the case of smokers, its effect may be seen much faster, even in one to two weeks depending on the patient and the sensitivity of the drug.

✧ Its absorption is quite fast due to its conformation as ketone, so that once it reaches the digestive tract its maximum concentration is reached in three hours. As for its distribution, it is quite wide and depends largely on plasma proteins, since it adheres quickly to them.

Once in the bloodstream, three main active metabolites are generated as a result of the transformation that occurs in the liver; these are hydroxybupropion, erythrobupropion and trephidrobupropion. All are fundamental for the correct passage and action of Wellbutrin through our body.

✧ The half-life, which is the time the drug lasts in our blood, is 21 to 37 hours depending on the sensitivity of the patient as well as the state of their liver. In addition, it is worth noting that if you have some degree of kidney failure or gastrointestinal disorders, the drug will accumulate with greater intensity.

Indications Wellbutrin

There are two indications, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. However, what is interesting is the way in which Wellbutrin acts in each of these diseases. It is worth noting that its use is quite widespread worldwide and that these are two pathologies quite difficult to overcome, in which this drug could play a fundamental role.

Depression and Wellbutrin

While Wellbutrin was initially hatched as a drug intended for depression alone, the truth is that its effects have not been well studied beyond 8 weeks. Many studies that can corroborate the effects of this drug over long periods of time are still lacking.

✧ Even so, it is known as an important drug in the treatment of depression, and even some specialists have recommended its use in some other disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

bupropion online pngThe main use, within the group of patients with depression, goes to mild or moderate cases that can be managed with few drugs. It is also worth noting that, as Wellbutrin increases libido, it is also quite used in those patients who have sexual dysfunctions because of the drugs that are used to treat this disease.

✧ In addition, in some cases it seems to stand out as an unavoidable first option. This is the case of Parkinson's disease and the depressive episodes that result as a complication of this pathology, apart from other depressive states related to the psychomotor system.

It is necessary to mention that the biotransformation that occurs in the liver is the real key behind the effect of Wellbutrin. The metabolites that originate from there are those that will have the effect on the reuptake of noradrenaline and dopamine, which is what in the end will allow the regulation of their levels and, with it, the stabilization of the mood.

✧ There are other secondary metabolites of Wellbutrin that are still under study, such as radafaxine, to cure depression, but that linked to obesity. Some studies even state that it could be used to lose weight beyond improving mood.

Smoking and Bupropion

Without a doubt, beyond depression, Wellbutrin is an indisputable first-line drug in the treatment of smoking. Quitting smoking is quite complicated, so apart from psychological therapies always looking for a way to help the patient, and that is the case with this medicine.

✧ Many studies have clarified the way in which Wellbutrin acts in these cases: what it does is diminish the effect of nicotine withdrawal symptoms, ending the famous "craving", allowing the patient to endure these effects and continue with his life.

Unlike other available drugs, Wellbutrin does not alter body weight. Its action is totally related to the elevated neurotransmitters (dopamine and noradrenaline), working with systems of "gratification and reward" within the brain.

✧ In short, Wellbutrin makes you see that you are doing things right, without having harmful adverse effects, or being overly affected by the loss of nicotine.

Social Phobia

Another important point behind the use of Wellbutrin is social phobia. It seems that, thanks to its action at the level of the central nervous system, it could regulate anxiety and the rest of the symptoms suffered by patients with social phobia.

In this way, by controlling the neurological aspect, it gives the patient the door and freedom to try to relate to their environment. Even so, it is necessary to emphasize that this is a minor and particular use of Wellbutrin, which could be supplanted by any other special psychotropic for social phobia.

Remember that, although these are the most common uses of this drug, only a specialist doctor can indicate and truly recommend it. Self-medication is always a danger, even though our intentions are the best.

How is Wellbutrin used?

Always, as with any important medicine, it is necessary for you to take two things into account: your doctor's instructions (the person who prescribes the drug) and all the instructions that are inside it. Try not to take it for more than the recommended time, much less alter the doses since, as it is a medicine that acts on the nervous system, it can have relevant neurological complications.

wellbutrin adhd drug jpg ✧ There are several different presentations with which special care must be taken. For example, there is a prolonged release presentation which should not be crushed or chewed, but swallowed whole so that it gradually degrades and the levels of this drug remain stable within your system.

Do not change the dose or abruptly remove Wellbutrin from your body. The only way that you can suddenly stop the drug is if you have some major complication, the rest will only bring consequences such as severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms. For some other recommendations in this regard, better consult with your doctor.

✧ If your goal is to quit smoking, you don't need to do it the same day you start taking Wellbutrin. Remember that, as mentioned above, the effect of this drug on smokers is seen 2 weeks after you start taking it. For this reason, one to two weeks after starting this drug is that you can stop smoking.

Even though you are taking Wellbutrin your doctor may consider it appropriate to add other devices to the list. These include nicotine patches or stop-smoking gum. At some point the famous "Vapers" were indicated, but the latest studies seem to be linking them to tumor pathologies that are barely manifesting, for this reason, they are not formally recommended to stop smoking.

What happens if I miss a dose?

As soon as you remember that you missed a dose, take it. If it is very close to the next dose, wait. It all depends on how your schedule is at the time. For a single dose of Wellbutrin that does not work, it will not lose its effect. However, we remind you that since it is a medication that is related to neurotransmitters, it has a very delicate balance that we must maintain.

Important Facts When You Start Consuming Wellbutrin

Although your doctor oversees asking you a long list of questions before you start taking this medication, we need to remind you of certain things that your specialist may overlook in the consultation or that you may forget to mention. In addition, let's remember that it is a delicate medication that must be handled with great caution.

✧ You must be sure that you have told your doctor about each of the complications that could affect your treatment with Wellbutrin. Among the most important are:

Contraindications of Wellbutrin

There are several, and they're all important. It should be noted that they are all absolute and if there is one of them, there is no way you can use Wellbutrin. These are:

Side Effects

As we always say, no drug is perfect, and Wellbutrin is no exception. Although its effects are not as noticeable as those of similar generations, it is necessary to disregard the fact that Wellbutrin also has important undesirable effects, given that its mechanism of action - as we said earlier - is based on the regulation of neurotransmitters, substances that do much more than regulate mood or habits.

✧ It is necessary to mention that, should you have symptoms of a possible allergic reaction, such as itching, edema, rash, pain or generalized rash, etc. Go to the nearest hospital emergency as soon as possible and call your doctor. Remember that it can be a matter of minutes before things get worse to a point of no return.

Using a medication to treat problems that have to do with our central nervous system is never easy, it requires a lot of medical vigilance and judgment. For this reason, we recommend that you see your doctor before starting treatment with Wellbutrin and ask all relevant questions. Remember that your health is at stake and we cannot put you at risk. While Wellbutrin is an FDA-accepted drug, it does not release you from the fact that its effects are not permanent or that it has any significant side effects.

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