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Biological rhythm

Biological rhythm

The search for truth should start small. The answer can't be found on just one page. Try to slowly read the entire book from "crust to crust." The seeds of truth are scattered everywhere. Somewhere more, somewhere less. Only having fully studied the topic, you can focus on the main thing – what and how to start doing to open the door to a new life and meet on your way excellent health, success, creativity and joy, bliss and happiness.

First, we will get acquainted with biological rhythms in more detail.

Changes occurring during the day, month and year in the human body, were described long before our era. The first accurate information about these phenomena is contained in the Chinese manuscript “Book of changes”.

For 300 years BC, Greek doctors found that the human pulse during the day varies significantly.

Famous Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus original and elegant way to convince all doubters of the existence of biorhythms in nature. He put on public display “live clock”, consisting of different colors, more precisely, of colors with different daily biorhythms. This “flower clock”, admired by contemporaries, worked with acceptable accuracy. The accuracy of these “live hours” was 1 hour. The first, from 4 to 6 o’clock in the morning, opened their buds of zirconium, at 7 o’clock came the turn of bells. At 8 o’clock opened marigolds. The last of the flowers indicates the time the buds of Adonis, which with surprising accuracy blossomed in the evening, in 21 hours.

In 1797, Shogun and Lavoisier came to the conclusion that a decrease in the amplitude of daily fluctuations in human body temperature or maintaining a constant body temperature during the day can be said to be a violation of the health of this person. Around the same time, Christopher gufeland conjectured that in the human body there are “internal clock”, the course of which is determined by the rotation of the Earth around its axis.

In 1887, the Russian doctor G. Fedorov in his dissertation “on the influence of time of the day on the vital capacity of the lungs and the inhalation and exhalation for the first time gave a quantitative description of one of the most important manifestations of the body’s life – breathing during the day.

In 1893 under the leadership of the largest neurologist and psychiatrist of Russia V. M. Bekhterev the speed of some mental processes of healthy people during the day was studied. It was found that the rate of these reactions is maximum from 9 to 10 am and from 14 to 17 PM. A minimum-from 13 to 14 and from 19 to 20 hours.

Today we can confidently say that all living organisms on Earth, including humans, are characterized by a certain rhythm of metabolism, physiological processes and behavioral reactions during the day, month, time of year and even longer intervals.

Biological rhythms are one of the mechanisms that allow our body to adapt to constantly changing environmental conditions.

This adaptation takes place throughout our lives. The seasons change, the weather cyclone replaces the anticyclone, solar activity increases and decreases, magnetic storms rage, people move from the steppe zone to the Arctic – and all this requires our body’s ability to quickly and adequately adapt. Only with a good performance of our internal mechanism called “Biological rhythms” can a healthy and fulfilling life.

Knowledge of human biological rhythms is necessary to build an optimal mode of work and rest, to preserve health and maintain high vital activity.

Health factor

Everyone knows that health is a necessary condition for the active and normal life of every person. Many people are interested in the extent to which health and successful life depend on the person and how he can help himself.

The determinants of health are heredity, ecology, the quality of the local health system and human lifestyle.

Consider their impact on health.

Heredity. Our health is about 20% dependent on the health of our parents. Many people think that it is impossible to influence this indicator – one is given good health, and the other is not. But this is only at first glance. If you lead a healthy and active lifestyle, you can minimize your negative heredity. At the same time, seriously working on yourself, you can develop a multifaceted natural gift of a healthy and creative person. Thus making much better and more favorable their future, expressed in good heredity and positive skills of children and grandchildren. Leading a highly moral, healthy life right now, we make long-term investments in our future generations. What we sow today-we will receive in the future.

Ecology. Health is a huge capital, not only given to us by nature from birth, but also depending on the conditions in which we live. Man for many centuries did not try to adapt to the natural environment (as do all kinds of microorganisms, flora and fauna), and sought to curb it, making it convenient for its comfortable existence.

Modern people have finally realized that the rapid activities to tame nature and the development of its untold wealth has a very negative impact on the environment, and the deterioration of the biosphere is dangerous for all living beings, including for the man himself.

About 20 % of our health depends on the environmental situation of the living environment. And we are guilty of the fact that it is not changing for the better. Daily contaminating the habitat of their irrational activities, we are reaping the fruits of a “bad environment”.

What good can each of us do in this area? At least to awaken in itself elementary human conscience and in any situation to try not to pollute environment. Do not put personal and financial interests in the first place, communicating with nature at any level – from recreation in a forest glade to mining and processing of minerals. It depends only on our position in life: “to be a part of nature or to pretend to be the King of nature, destroying and polluting all the surrounding space with the waste of its activity”. Do not put the blame on others, everyone should start with ourselves, and then the problem is a bad environment will disappear.

Modern health system. Despite the impressive advances of modern medicine, today’s health of the Russian person is very weakly dependent on the health care system. The role of this factor is only 10 %. For this there are many reasons that do not depend on the ordinary citizen (public and private funding of medicine, access to health care for the majority of the population, the equipment of hospitals and clinics with modern medical equipment, the availability of drugs, etc.).

Lifestyle. Health and well-being of each person significantly depend on his way of life, the role of which is as much as 50 %.

Lifestyle-is the main, almost the only factor of health and well-being, which the person can significantly affect.

How we live-think and breathe, eat and move, preventatively cleanse your body of toxins, poisons and toxins and emotionally unloaded – this is our health and these are our successes in life. Only properly and skillfully organized his life, a person can independently cope with any disease and achieve great creative and financial success.

From health factors, we move on to the rhythms of life, which continuously pulsate within us and in the environment.

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