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It seems improbable, but rhythms of electromagnetic vibrations of a brain of the person completely coincide with relic vibrations of electromagnetic waves of the Earth which keep the constancy many millions of years.

Understanding this simple, but very important for a person truth allows a very different look at the ways to solve many of our problems, both with health and with success in life. The book gives the key to getting rid of a person from illnesses and life challenges quite different methods other than the conventional. It is only important to skillfully use this key. For those who know the essence of the recommendations set out in this book, taking tablets and other medicines can be reduced several times, up to the complete rejection of them. After all, it is well known that any drugs one is treated, and the other is crippled. Therefore, leaving the medication only for exceptional cases, the reader will get rid of health problems in a natural way, through bringing to harmony of his mind and body, primarily his thought process.

Scientists have long proved that in a state of harmony with themselves and the environment in humans there is an active interaction between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Many neural pathways connect our hemispheres every second, allowing a person to make maximum use of the mental and creative abilities bestowed by nature from birth.

When harmoniously working brain hemispheres in humans, reveals many talents, he is literally all you can and know how. But our daily life is such that the vast majority of people brain works “one-sided”, and they do not even notice. Modern man often focuses exclusively on logical thinking. This allows him to live tolerably in society according to the rules of society. People grow something, trade other people’s goods in numerous markets and in shops, melt metal, collect planes, etc. Everyone is doing something, fussing, trying to become rich and happy, not understanding the main thing: “Copying their idols or other people’s ideas and developments, pulling to the market and selling other people’s goods, it is impossible to become a genius or an idol for millions.

And how to become a genius, how to become an idol? It turns out that it is not enough to have a natural gift for creation and creativity, especially since such a gift is given by nature not to many people. But do not regret it. The gift of genius can develop in almost every person. It is only important to find your own way to this source of talent and glory. One of these roads is listed in this book. Take advantage of this opportunity, Reader, and you can do a lot. Here are the available ways to develop mental abilities through the implementation of very simple recommendations.

To succeed, you need to slowly, just a few pages a day, read and strive to understand the content, noting bookmarks those sections that are most interested. Only after reading the whole book should carefully proceed to practical training in the selected areas.

For example, starting to perform actions to stimulate the rhythms of the brain, do not forget that all is well in moderation. Daily performance of simple and accessible to each person “brain synchronization Exercises” can significantly change your life for the better. This is the basis of your success, the real road to glory. You do not need much: perseverance, determination and a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and get out of life. Do not forget to follow the recommendations in the Chapter “some aspects of a healthy lifestyle“. Believe me, you will succeed…

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