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Rhythms of the brain

In this Chapter, an attentive reader will find a specific mechanism for improving the quality of their lives.

Understanding the General principles of rhythmic work of the brain allows a person to change life for the better.

The rhythms of the brain are the mighty steering wheel of your mind and body, where you turn it – there and go.

Learn to properly steer your life, ride without stumbling on the same life bumps and pits. It’s like the rules of the road: you know them, you follow them – you go without problems in any direction. You don’t know the rules – then, wherever you go, you will constantly fill yourself with “bumps”. Why live, learning only from your mistakes, when you can learn the working rules of a decent life and easily reach your destination “Health and success“?

The rhythms of the human brain are in continuous and close interaction with the natural electromagnetic oscillations of the environment. For a better understanding of the process of positive impact of the natural environment on our brain and the whole body, let us briefly consider the rhythms of human brain activity.

The human body, as a biological resonator, consists of many systems. Its main center-the brain-constantly and actively pulsates under the influence of rhythms both external and internal, set by the work of special groups of cells – pacemakers – rhythm generators.

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