Cyber ​​athletes will take the test for doping, as well as other athletes.

cyber ​​athletes

Electronic Sports League (ESL) - one of the largest and oldest eSports leagues, in which regularly hosts competitions in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Battlefield 4 and Dota 2. In light of recent doping scandals, the organization stated that Cyber ​​athletes will have to take the test doping, as well as other athletes.

The loudest scandal happened when the famous cyber sportsman Corey "SEMPHIS" ​​Friesen admitted that his entire team Cloud9 took Adderall during a major tournament ESL One Katowice on discipline "Counter Strike: GO". With a prize fund of $ 250 thousand Friesen was forced to part with the team a month after the tournament due to poor game form.

Adderall - a drug that improves memory, increases mental endurance, reaction and concentration. The eSports world where the fate of the match often depends on the small things and solved in seconds, many players can take Adderall to increase your chances of winning.

ESL announced that it will begin to selectively take intradermal tests to determine if the players use a particular command Adderall, or other stimulants. The first tournament in which you plan to practice the new system - ESL One Cologne with a prize fund of $ 250 thousand.