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Rhythms of the brain

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In this Chapter, an attentive reader will find a specific mechanism for improving the quality of their lives. Understanding the General principles of rhythmic work of the brain allows a person to change life for the better. The rhythms of the brain are the mighty steering wheel of your mind and body, where you turn […]

Rhythm of Life

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Rhythm of life All living organisms, from the simplest unicellular and ending with man, have biological rhythms, which are manifested in periodic changes in the nature of life and, as the most accurate clock, measure the life time of each of us. No process in the human body can not occur continuously, and should alternate […]

Biological rhythm

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Biological rhythm The search for truth should start small. The answer can’t be found on just one page. Try to slowly read the entire book from “crust to crust.” The seeds of truth are scattered everywhere. Somewhere more, somewhere less. Only having fully studied the topic, you can focus on the main thing – what […]

Brain work

Admin November 11, 2018 No Comments Brain work: to strengthen and enhance

Introduction It seems improbable, but rhythms of electromagnetic vibrations of a brain of the person completely coincide with relic vibrations of electromagnetic waves of the Earth which keep the constancy many millions of years. Understanding this simple, but very important for a person truth allows a very different look at the ways to solve many […]

Scientists Debunked the Myth of Hyperactivity?

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A rare parent today is not familiar with the abbreviation ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), because a rare child, alas, now does not put such a “fashionable” diagnosis. Still, today’s children were simply uncontrollable twist and turn, attentively listen to the lessons that fall out of the blue… Of course, they need to be treated. […]

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