Lifehacks that will Improve Memory

Life-hacks that will Improve Memory HUMAN MEMORY IS UNPREDICTABLE: many of us still remember the words to “Wannabe” in 1996 by legendary Spice Girls, but forget to remove the Laundry from the washing machine before you leave the apartment. Perhaps one of the reasons for General forgetfulness is the modern rhythm of life with an […]

4 Ways to Make Your Brain Work to its Fullest

4 Ways to Make Your Brain Work to its Fullest It’s time to hear simple truths that can really change your life. Author of the bestseller “how to learn to think like Sherlock Holmes“, as well as many articles on psychology for the New Yorker Magazine — talks about why we need to sleep more, […]

Antibiotics are dangerous for the brain

Antibiotics are dangerous for the brain A team of experts representing the max delbrück center for molecular medicine in Germany made a statement that antibiotic use for a long time can lead to memory problems and deterioration of a number of other functions of the human brain. According to the researchers, the reason for this […]

Scientists Debunked the Myth of Hyperactivity?

A rare parent today is not familiar with the abbreviation ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), because a rare child, alas, now does not put such a “fashionable” diagnosis. Still, today’s children were simply uncontrollable twist and turn, attentively listen to the lessons that fall out of the blue… Of course, they need to be treated. […]