About us

We are not only a network of pharmacies!

This is a team of professionals, advanced technology pharmaceutical business, and a wide range of only high quality products.

The pharmacies in our network presented the latest achievements of modern medicine and the beauty industry that will allow you to feel a hundred percent.

We can find the right medications - from aspirin to rare drugs, buy baby food or home medical devices, with the help of experienced consultants choose curative cosmetics and hygiene products.

We offer:

>> Quality and original medicines

We guarantee the quality and the lack of counterfeits. Product purchases are made directly from manufacturers or major importers and suppliers of proven pharmaceutical products. The entire range has the necessary certificates and quality documents. All products are stored and shipped only from our own warehouses, which guarantees compliance with the conditions of storage and shipping.

>> More than 9000 items

Great range of products, which is limited only by the range of our stores and increasing every month.

>> Fast delivery

Your goods will be in a pharmacy in the day of the order to the largest cities, in other cases the order is delivered the next day or according to the schedule for conveying remote northern regions.

>> Attractive prices

Order via the Internet - is a good way to save money. Since all of our products comes from our own warehouses without intermediaries, and no costs for storage of goods in pharmacies - we can afford a lower retail margin.

Just a pharmacy? No, much more!

We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy and successful. To help you not to miss any enjoyable moments and taste the bright rich and interesting life - a task that we set ourselves.

Just a pharmacy? No, much more!

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