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5 Ways to Quit Smoking

Tobacco addiction is a real disease. Its tenacious paws smoker feels only when trying to quit Smoking or at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. It is here that she makes it clear that man is no longer his own master, but her slave. It is difficult to give up a bad habit, but it is real. To do this, there are five effective methods, which we will discuss in this article.

- Today in the world there are many myths about the properties of cigarettes: they say that they allegedly help and relax, and concentrate, and disconnect from bad thoughts, and make new friends. Specialists of Almaty city center of healthy lifestyle formation helped us to dispel these inventions, as well as to explain the processes taking place in the body when quitting Smoking. They answered the most frequent questions that arise from smokers.

Are There Safe Cigarettes?

Such cigarettes there is no and be not can. Theoretically, you can imagine cigarettes without nicotine and other components of tobacco, but no one will smoke them. Electronic cigarettes and hookahs also can not be considered a harmless alternative to conventional cigarettes. They are no less dangerous than traditional methods of tobacco use.

Is it true that light cigarettes are less harmful?

No. The feeling that they do less harm is caused by skillful advertising. Let them reduced the content of resins and nicotine, but tobacco dependence in light cigarettes develops exactly the same as in strong. Moreover, switching from strong to light, the smoker begins to imperceptibly consume twice as many cigarettes.

Is it true that Smoking helps to lose weight?

There are hundreds, but Smoking is the most ridiculous of them. As a rule, all smokers in addition to chronic bronchitis have a chronic felicetti gastritis caused by tobacco intoxication that may cause some weight loss in a very small percentage of smokers. Naturally, this is not the weight loss, which is worth striving for the fee is too high.

Why after a person quits Smoking, he has a worse cough?

The reason is that the mucosa of the bronchi and trachea begins to be actively released from tobacco compounds accumulated in the lungs. This cleansing and healing process is accompanied by more active mucus and cough.

People who quit Smoking get fat?

Not necessarily. A few days after quitting Smoking, chronic intoxication of the body stops: the gastric mucosa is restored, there is a normal secretion of gastric juice, appetite increases. Avoid a set of extra pounds will help proper nutrition: drink more liquid (not sweet soda), eat 4-5 times a day in small portions, eat more fruits and vegetables. After 1-1. 5 months, your body will adapt to the new conditions, and you will be able to return to the previous diet.

Is it dangerous to quit Smoking?

Quit Smoking is only useful in any Smoking experience. If a smoker suffers from some serious chronic disease, the abrupt cessation of Smoking with additional loads can cause a temporary deterioration in health. Therefore, seriously ill people should gradually give up Smoking under the supervision of a narcologist. The staff of Almaty city narcological center of medical and social correction will tell you more about the therapy in person.

Parting with a cigarette, it is important to remember that nicotine addiction disappears in an average month, the psychological remains about six months. Over the years of Smoking people develop conditioned reflex connection coffee cigarette, cigarette stress, which is difficult to overcome. Give yourself a slack, and all your achievements will go down the drain. There are certain rules and techniques, the knowledge and application of which will facilitate Smoking cessation. Smooth and speed up your parting with cigarettes will help the following five measures:

And buy a piggy Bank and replenish it daily with the amount you usually spent on cigarettes. Look there in a month and calculate how much you have managed to save. Spend this money on useful things.